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Chicken Spit Braai is rapidly becoming the most preferred choice for spit braai, not just because it is so cheap, but because it is nice.

Eating chicken will never be an outdated thing in these days that we are living in. As we live, we discover various recipes and cookeries which have gained so much courtesy in the food industry today.

One of the ways to prepare a chicken is by “spit braaing” it. Chicken spitbraai is well known in South Africa; the term means to slowly cook the meat by regularly basting it with spices until it is ready to be served. Chicken spit braai is health and appropriate for people with special dietary needs since this method of preparing the chicken allows the chicken to have lesser fats and be tender.


In order to attain a goal and have the best results in this world comes through great planning. Here’s how to have the best spit braai ever.

  • 1 Nobody wants to have a chicken with feathers on the dining table when the time to eat arrives. Make it a point that you clean the chicken thoroughly. Remove fats by cutting off the skin on the chicken’s neck and on the tail since these two parts contain more fats.
  • 2 Who knew that brine water could do so much to our daily meals? Brine is a solution of salt in water (usually referred to as Sodium Chloride). Brine keeps the Chicken moist and taste better. Leave the chicken inside the brine water and place the chicken in the refrigerator for up to 4 to 6 hours.
  • 3 Spices add flavor to foods that we eat. You don’t want the chicken to taste raw or undercooked. Make sure that you have various mixtures of spices by your side to season your meat. Chicken spit braai is nice when prepared with potatoes, onions and salads; those are a must have. Or you won’t have the ideal braai.
  • 4 You can now remove the chicken from the brine water in the refrigerator after the hours have elapsed. Wash it; guarantee that you wash off excess salt on it.
  • 5 Loosen the skin over the chicken breasts so you can easily fit in your finger below the skin. Rub spices on it and beneath the skin.
  • 6 Chickens are afraid of fire too. Make sure that you tie the chicken so that you can braai with ease and slow spit braaing will be attained.
  •  7 Prepare the spit. The fire temperature needs to be on its perfect level to sustain great results. Have your braaing equipment handy.

How can you determine when the fire is ready to put the chicken on the spit?

One way to do it though is to hold your open hand above the fire and feel the heat: if you can keep your hand there for around 10 seconds, then you can put the chicken on (chicken needs colder fires). In terms of how the fire should look, if you’ve used wood, there must be no more flames, only embers; if you’ve used charcoal or briquettes, they must have turned completely grey. Cape Town Magazine

  • 8Place the chicken on the spit after performing the fire test and let it reach its golden skin colour and that is when you should know that it is cooked. It is now that you can cut it into the pieces that you prefer and serve it.


Traditional pap

Chicken spit braai served with traditional pap is the way to go. When you do a chicken spit braai, have a container filled with traditional pap; it is often said that a braai is not a braai if there is no pap involved.

Garlic rolls

Garlic rolls can be used as side dishes for a chicken spit braai as they are easy to make and provide the diners with the best experience.


Having salads as accompaniments to your chicken spit braai is healthy. Salads help you attain fibre, cut calories and increase satisfaction.  Have a vast of salads and desserts as part of your spit braai menu.

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